Studies & Education


Period Activities
2004 – ongoing Faunistic and ecological research on the spiders of the Caucasus
2006 – 2013 Database development and content management with OntoWiki (cooperation with Sebastian Tramp)
2001 – 2004 Work on my diploma thesis: "Die Spinnengemeinschaften in Baumkronen von Urwäldern und Wirtschaftswäldern unterschiedlichen Alters in Ostpolen Białowieża" (Otto 2004)


Period Activities
2009 – 2011 Two-year trainee period as a teacher in secondary schools (biology and chemistry); degree: 2. state exam ("advanced teacher's degree")
2005 – 2008 Basic and advanced studies in chemistry and educational sciences; degree: 1. state exam ("basic teacher's degree"
2000 – 2004 Advanced studies in Biology at Julius-Maximilian University Würzburg
major: Animal Ecology and Tropical Biology; minor: Animal Physiology and Sociobiology; Paleontology; degree: Diploma in Biology (Univ.)
1998 – 2000 Basic studies in Biology at Leipzig University
1997 Highschool diploma ("Abitur") in Leipzig


Period Skill Activities
May 2013 First Aid Four-day basic outdoor first aid course (40 h) with Outdoorschule Süd
permanent English Learning the English language (currently at level C1 of the CEFRL
2006 – ongoing Georgian Learning the Georgian language (currently at approximately level A2/B1 of the CEFRL

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